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While on the phone with a client the other day, she said “Chapter 13 Bankruptcy saved my life”. Those words made me stop and think for a minute. When you work in the bankruptcy industry, as long as I have, the shock-factor disappears and it’s easy to take for granted what a miracle bankruptcy can be for our clients. As our discussion progressed, I realized she was right.

Filing for bankruptcy allowed her to stay in her home, pay off her vehicle, address the pile of credit card debt and medical bills she had and ultimately, saved her marriage. Sixty months after filing, she was in a much better position then when she first called our office and she was able to “breathe again”. The burden of never-ending phone calls, fighting with her spouse over bills, nightmare over credit card interest and losing her home were all now in her rear-view mirror. Her bankruptcy was completed, her debt discharged and she was barrelling ahead on the highway to her debt-free future and new life. What a miracle! ‘

Filing for Bankruptcy Is a Process

Bankruptcy can be a real life-saver but it takes work and a commitment to the process. Debt relief isn’t immediate and contrary to popular belief.  The bankruptcy process doesn’t  “get rid” of all of your debt with the click of a button (wouldn’t that be nice). A typical Chapter 13 bankruptcy lasts 30 to 60 months, so Debtors must be willing to commit to the process in order for the plan to work.  There are many advantages of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 filing can stop a schedule tax or sheriff sale. Furthermore, unsecured creditors are addressed interest-free. This is huge!  Say goodbye to those excessive monthly interest payments which are often more than your actual credit card balance.

As I got ready to hang up the phone, I asked our client a question. “If given the opportunity, what piece of advice would give her former self five years ago?” Quickly she replied, “I would have got on my computer and Googled “erie bankruptcy lawyer” right away instead of suffering for so long”.

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